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Jakarta, May 28 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) With the last chassis beam, the final box beam is accurately defeated on the 1st beam square beam channel, the Scholand, the first frame of the Yawan High-speed Railway, 28th Completed, marking the construction of Yaswan high-speed rail construction has made another major progress-•. Subsequently▪-▼▪, the Truna High-speed Railway No. 1,black corset top in store which is responsible for construction by China Electric Construction, to the Wanlong direction pipe section will fully enter the bridge deck and non-transistor construction. A total of 142.3 km of the whole length of 142.3 km has a total of 3 beams▼◁▲. Among them,oli pants 1 Liangcou is the largest laminate in the whole line. It has undertaken a prefabricated▪◆, shipment, transportation, and setup task of 1017 榀 万 1017 榀 万 线 线. The beam field uses “two-way◇◇, double-run, double●=” mode•☆…△, to Bandung and ◁▲!

Original title…•■: For children, a “safety net” on March 5▷■, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Beijing Great Hall. Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the State Council made a government work report. When talking about education issues, report emphasized that “children are the future of the nation, the hopes of the family. To increase the supply of pre-school education resources=◆•, use the Internet and other information, strengthen the whole process of child education●□, must make parents to rest assured Anxin▪▲□. “(March 6th” Jinan Times “) Li Keqiang Premier Li Keqiang In the governments work report=◇●▼, special emphasis on” strengthening the whole process supervision of children “, highlighting the party and the governments caring care, hoping to use modern technology Means○◇△, construct a solid regulatory network, put children in a safe housing environment-=■, thereby effectively preventing the development of child abuse inciden.

Original title: Women are not willing to fertility? Lin Yong: It is recommended that men also have a false father or expect to usher in their own maternity leave▲▪◁▲. Recently, the National Peoples Congress●▷, Vice President of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Economics, Professor, South China Normal University, Bo Guolin, is a full media Beijing live news●▲▽◇, sharing the recommendations brought by this two◇●△▽: Men and women go on vacation○•▲▲. Lin Yong found that herself is often crimped on the issue of ◁▼○◇”who will bring children”, which has also become an important factor affecting peoples willingness□…○. He said that men and women are both an embodiment of men and women△○☆▲. It is also conducive to the growth of children, and parenting will cultivate their patience, care and love. Scholars in the field of economics▷△◁, Lin Yong also put forward its own views on the talent training in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao District. △■◇”wa.

Original title•□: The 91-year-old air force will be the first deputy commander of the Air Force▽●☆, Lin Hui,By collection, the same day, Wang Rui, today (March 4), the reporter learned from Liu Hao Bin (opening the country, the original Air Force Commander Liu Yawang) The general died in the early morning of March 3=▽, 2018, and the year was 91 years old▲☆-▼. Previously, the news that the reporter learned that the vice faith of the original Liberation Army Air Force of the Air Force will◁•, and the deputy commander of the Juan Jun, the Air Force of the Air Force,toffee house coupon Lin Hu is died on March 3◁▲▼▪, 2018, and the year is 91 years old. According to the public information, the first place, the original name Wei Yao first, born in April 1927, Join the Communist Party of China in 1945. He graduated from Northeast Peoples Liberation Army Aviation School in 1950. The captain of the latter flight squadron. In 1951, he participated in the anti-US aid chartered, served as the vice captain of the Chinese Peoples Volunteers Air Force Flight Brigad.