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According to the announcement issued by the Guangdong Provincial Cultural and Tourism Hall on May 27, the mobile phone area of ​​Zhangshi City▼◆, Meizhou City was evaluated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction. The mobile phone area of ​​Zhangshi is located in the Dapu County, Meizhou City, the famous patriotic overseas Chinese■=▪▷, Hakka, the father of Chinas modern wine industry, and Mr▼◁◁▪. Zhang Yu◇•,kamo fitness leggings the founder of Zhang Yuxi, to form a hostess for the former live sightseeing , Vintage cultural experience, tourist scenic spots such as homes and rural leisure. Zhang Weis former residence is started at Qing Guangxu for thirty-four years (1908), the construction area is 4698 square meters, the layout is “three halls, four horizontal□○▪, one width” Hakka Waikong House, a total of 18 halls, .

Original title▷◇★▲: The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction is announced that the penalty decision of Fengcheng Power Plant Accident Project•▪: Closing Industry March 20 The punishment decision of the Engineering Consultant Group Zhongnan Electric Design Institute Co.○☆◇, Ltd◇▼., because the unit did not request a hearing or proposing a written statement on the punishment of the Ministry of Housing Construction within the specified time, the arbitrarily presented administrative penalties were suspended. On November 24, 2016,Bridesmaid. Jiangxi Fengcheng Power Plant collapsed at construction sites■★. Zhongxin★●▷.com Data Figure 7:33 on November 24, 2016◆○■◆, the three-phase expansion project of Fengcheng Power Plant◇▷•, Jiangxi Province▼▪•…, a cooling tower construction platform collapsed, causing 73 deaths, 2 people injured▲◇◁, direct economic losses ▽★-.

Original title: The Kuomintang first person☆★◆•? Zhu Lilun will meet with the Director of the National Taiwan Affairs Office on the 26th, and Zhu Lilun, the New North Mayor Zhu Lilun, at the group, to Jiangsu Nanjing, Suzhou•■◆,house of cb myer sydney Kunshan and Shanghai and other places to exchange. It is understood that Zhu Lilun will meet with Director Liu Jie of the Mainland National Taiwan Affairs on the 26th=▷▼▽. “Zhu Liuhui” Cheng, Zhu Lilun also became the first place in the Kuomintang and Liu Ji. Since Wu Dunyis next party chairman▷△, the cross-strait route continues Ma Ying-jeis “Nine Two Consensus-■” route, for a political parties that become in the wild, in fact,houseofcb discount code uk there is no longer supporting new dialogue space. The Kuomintang has declared a national average forum in late April. Wu Munyi was subject to the identity of the deputy leaders in Taiwa!

Original title: Focusing “Old Record◆△…”, 8 pictures Tell you how to listen to Prime Minister to the Peoples Gala Hall, the year of the two sessions, today two will serve as a “old note” reported by the national two sessions for you how to diagram Going to the Beijing Great Hall to listen to the Prime Minister as a government work report for you this is a reporter certificate of the 13th National Peoples Congress. In order to protect privacy, the key part has played mosaic●▽…. There are many kinds of recorders, which is just a common. In addition, there are foreign journalists, Hong Kong and Macao reporter certificates, etc◇▪△. The recorder has different types,Caprice Wine One Shouldered Dress – SALE! the color is different○△, and the permissions are different. Key to see the numbers in the lower right corner☆▪. For example, this card is “3”, which means only 3 layers of the Great Hall of the People. But numbers are “1▼●■” or “2”★★▽, and “23”, etc., differe.

Original title: Thai media said Chengdu Yue Rise Innovation Center became a regional urban development model of Regional City, China (Sichuan) Free Trade Test Zone, China (Sichuan) Free Trade Test Zone, Chengdu Tianfu New District, Chengdu Tianfu New District◆-•, Chengdu Science City Building●●•. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin photo news network March 27 Thai media said that the Chengdu•▷, Sichuan Province, Chengdu is playing role☆-, breaking all technology-related things appearing in the eastern coastal region of China. According to the Thai “National Report” website, most of Chinas wealth, industrial•…○▽, and energetic cities and innovation centers are located in the east of the country. However, the fierce competition for entrepreneurs at home and abroad is making many regional cities to overerepere. According to reports=●○, Chengdu is in the middle of Chinas 17-city double-found index ranking fourth•○, this index .