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Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 28 (Du Cheng) China Securities Supervision and Management Committee Sichuan Supervision Bureau (hereinafter referred to as ◁△”Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau▪△△”) revealed that the bureau recently released the ▼•”Western Securities Co.▽•, Ltd. The decision of measures •△”said that there were a number of violations in Huaxi Securities Co.★-, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as△▪◁▲” Huaxi Securities ◆●”) in on-site inspection=▷, so decided to adopt administrative supervision measures for police letters=-. “Decision” said that Huaxi Securities As the main underwriters and trusted managers in Nanning Sugar Co., Ltd○□•.▲▪☆, the owner of non-public issued company bonds●-•, there is no continued attention to issuers credit status, when the bond credit rating chang▪▷△●.

Original title: Science and Technology Daily: Emerging industries emerge◇•■, some university related disciplines have serious lags 6 million, 7 million, 8 million! On the one hand, the number of college graduates climbed; on the other hand◇•=, the outstanding enterprise of emerging industries wanted not to be appropriate. The contradiction between the supply and demand of excellent talents is increasingly prominent. National strategic emerging industries have technical systems in their respective fields●▲. How to find nodes and fulcrums in these technical systems◁▽•□, with their own advantages, there are new talents who have a large number of new knowledge structure and innovation capabilities□▪□■, in order to realize the corner overtaking in the fierce international competition in the future. However=◁, reality is very bone☆◆•○. Many universities not only have targeted textbooks▲▷★, but also staying a few years ago, even earlier●•△. New knowledge, new technology, n△=▷■.

Original title: Hello to fully deepen the reform of this attack▲△◁, the reform and opening up is the most distinctive characteristic of contemporary China○▷▽◆, which is the most vivid banner of our party in the new historical period. In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics▽…◆, the leaders of party members should always adhere to the reform overall situation▷…◁, always maintain the courage of the self-revolution, always adhere to the problem-oriented, unity and lead the majority of cadres and masses to fully deepen the overall deepening of this attack. A generation of people have a generation of people, a generation of people a generation◁▷★. It is a generation of generations that dare to act and make up and unremitting, and promote comprehensive reforms and achieve significant achievements. The socialist system of Chinese characteristics is more perfect. The national governance system and the modernization of the management capacity are constantly improving●◁. The development of the whole society is significantly increased■▽•★. Today, the historical relay rod is transmitted to our generation, advanceme.

Zhongqing Online Jinan April 25 (China Youth Daily△▼◇, Zhongqing Online Reporter Xing Ting) Recently•◇■…, the five departments of Shandong jointly carry out special actions were “reduced burden▼□” in primary and secondary school students. According to relevant programs, in the future, Shandong primary and secondary school students must be completed by teachers▼=, and they may not allow parents to change their homework. All compulsory education schools are exempt from enrollment. According to reports, ◆○”Shandong Province has effectively reducing the extracurricular burden of primary and secondary school students△◇◇★” by Shandong Provincial Department of Education, Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, Shandong Provincial Civil Affairs Department•○▪▪, Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Shandong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, jointly issued△•, program insist The symptoms of specimens, and various departments collaborate=▼. By regulating school management•◁●, strengthen education management services◆▲, scientific supervision of foreign training institutions■▪, guide primary and secondary schools, and respect for education laws and transform peoples conce!

Original title: Japanese media☆★: China netizens changed to Japanese enterprises to Japans good sensation to rise on August 5★▪, 2010. The four-day “2010 Shanghai International Gift Show” opened in Shanghai World Trade Mall, including more than 80 in Japans gift industry. The company ▼•☆”group” debuts to become a highlight of the exhibition●△▲. Report Message Network reported that Japanese media said that China netizens changed from the attitude of Japanese companies. Through the Japanese tourism and buy Japanese products from the Internet◆•◆●, more and more Chinese consumers are used to using Japanese products, which seems to make them change to Japanese companies=▼. According to “Japan Economic News▷★●” reported on April 10, at the end of January◇=▼☆, no printing is referred to in the catalog map of the goods directory in China. It is not worthy of major mistakes, requiring no printing.